Its Hot Its Chilli….. This Saturday, I was at World Food India 2017, a three-day event (3rd to 5th November 2017) which became gateway to Indian Food Industry. The Events paved the way for partnership and opportunity to connect with global food Economy. This was one of the largest gathering of industry associates involved in Food Business. Highlight of the three-day event was the Food … Continue reading Happy CHILLLIIINNNGGG

My First Encounter with Kitchen

Milestone 2…… One fine day – January 1996 –I was wandering around our kitchen and suddenly my mother said “keep a close eye on boiling milk, just close watch ,don’t do anything” (entering into the kitchen was not allowed to the male members of the family). The worst came soon, milk reached its boiling point and was about to spill over the pan. I had … Continue reading My First Encounter with Kitchen